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Are you still looking for the right artist, the right life’s work?

Our production is a seal of authenticity and quality for your company, a guarantee of class and tradition, a sign of modernity growing from the roots. Our career and numerous awards speak for themselves and guarantee the success you are looking for.

We need you!

Art has always been supported, had to be supported.

Royal houses, aristocrats, landowners, major industrialists, in short magnates, to name but a few, set up foundations to protect works and artists. Without this help it would not be possible, because great things cannot be achieved without appropriate support. We would be happy to position your logo in our advertising and talk about your visions.

We are committed to charitable issues.

Support programs

Futuro Si helps poor children in South America. We donate our fee! The Rheinviertel Community Foundation supports the Sonja Kill kindergarten. The children’s hospice in Lünen enables parents to accompany their children. The Fundación Garrahan Buenos Aires organizes a Festival Solidario in aid of children with cancer.
Once a month, we supply Caritas in Buenos Aires with a bulk purchase.
We, Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra help, and help you to help too. Talk to us!

Sonia Kill inclusion kindergarten
Sonia Kill inclusion kindergarten
Sonia Kill inclusion kindergarten
Futuro Si – Children in South America
Garrahan Foundation - Charity Festival

Donation campaign for San Cayetano

The day of the patron saint of all those in need

On the 7th of every month, we do a bulk purchase and have an additional 100 loaves of bread baked by a local bakery and give these gifts to the church in San Cayetano in Quilmes. The church distributes our donations to the needy people in the hope of making their situation a little easier and ensuring a minimum standard of living.

We need you!

You support art

During the pandemic, the Neustart Kultur fund has prevented creative artists from going under.

Would you like to include VIDA in your funding program and support it with a grant?

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