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Tango & More! Dancing the Culture of Argentina. The North. A spectaculare Dance Trip with the Tango Stars Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra

Argentina in 14 days: Argentina in 14 days: Be ready to discover new places of Argentina dancing during this 14 day trip take takes you from the mountains in Cordoba, to the desolated province of Santiago del Estero, the home place of Luis Pereyra to the wine valley of Cafayate and the famous colorful ‘Quebrada de Humahuaca’ in the province of Jujuy. With your teachers Nicole and Luis you travel to great heights and areas where you will discover a strong local culture and breathtaking nature. This trip, again, will take your breath away…

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Tango & More! North Argentina download PDF english 

  • Tangocity Buenos Aires & Universiy city Córdoba
  • Salt Lake, Natural Park, wild Canyons and mountan ranges 
  • Jesuit Missions & Folklor Festivals
  • Luis home: Santiago del Estero and its bushes
  • Dance Salons
  • Bombo Drum, Atahualpa Yupanqui
  • Daily Dance Lesson
  • Typical Barbecue
  • Visiting an Indigenous Village
  • Private Transfers
  • Personal Care by Luis and Nicole
  • 12 – 18 participants or small groups (ask price and dates please)

Travel to Argentina with world famous tango dance stars. Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra take you to the vibrant capital of Buenos Aires, the majestic mountain ranges, in the wine country of Cafayete, to a local folklore festival. It shows you the secrets of a hidden Argentina. An Asado barbecue evening at his home is the end of an eventful journey. A journey for connoisseurs and adventurers. Plus daily lessons: learn original Argentine tango in Argentina.

Travel to Argentina

Travel to Argentina. Your Journey starts

Day 1: Buenos Aires and Estancia

Welcome to Argentina. Nicole and Luis picks you up at the airport and takes you to the first estancia. 

First lesson Tango Today

  • Incluedet: Lunch, Dinner
Day 2: City Tour Buenos Aires

Dancelesson after breakfast

Nicole shows you today the fascinating Tangocity Buenos Aires:  Obelisk, 9 de Julio Street, Congreso.  Especially she will show you special places as Splendid, Palacio Barolo, Café Tortoni, Viejo Almacén and much more. 

  • Incluedid: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 3: Way to Cordoba

In the morning you will be picked up from your hotel to the way to Cordoba. This historical City emerged from the wish to join Upper Perú and the Río de la Plata through what became known as the Royal Road, and nowadays is the second most important city in Argentina. Its streets and promenades feature tracks of the ancient colonial architecture mingled with modern buildings. All this is completed with parks and green spaces such as Sarmiento Park, designed in the late XIX century, which manages to supply enough oxygen for this large urban center and its dwellers. Upon arrival you are taken to your hotel where you will have your class of

  • Inclueded: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 4: Missions of Jesuit

The real jewel in the province and town of Cordoba is the collection of fine 17th-century Jesuit estancias. These estancias lie close to what used to be the Camino Real (the ‘royal road’), used by the Spanish to link the Córdoba with Lima and the Alto Perú mines. The Jesuit missionaries established huge, enterprising estancias in the country that were used to finance their educational and artistic work in the city. The elegant residences and beautiful chapels built for the priests still remain, complete with some wonderful art and walled gardens. Today you will travel back in time while visiting these historic places.

  • Incluedid: Breakfast, Lunch Box, Dinner
Day 5: Nature Park

Today we have a relaxing day. Tracking in a Natural Park, Tango Lesson and Teatime. 

  • Incluedid: Breakfast, Lunch, Teatime, Dinner
Day 6: Santiago del Estero and Atahualpa Yupanqui

Today you will travel from Cordoba to Santiago del Estero. On the way you will make a stop at the Atahualpa Yupanqui museum in Cerro Colorado town.  Atahualpa Yupanqui is considered to be the most important folklore musician of Argentina. In the museum house there are personal objects of the poet, a painting painted by Benito Quinquela Martin, Atahualpa´s guitar and photos with other important artists of all over the world.
Upon arrival in Santiago del Estero you will enjoy your tango class.

  • Inclueded: Breakfast, Lunch Box, Teatime, Dinner
Day 7: Santiago del Estero and Bombo. Luis home 1

Today you will enjoy the day at the hand of Luis in Santiago del Estero. Ifsomeone can show you the town it is Luis! You will enjoy a tango class in Santiago today. In the day you will be taken the bush to see, hoy drums are made by Cebo Wood. 

  • Incluedid: Breakfast, Lunch
Day 8: Santiago del Estero and Chacarera Festival . Luis home 1

Luis will take you to get to know the ‘monte’ where he is from and his family. Get prepared for a wonderful day outside, far from the touristic places. As yesterday, today you will also enjoy a tango class. In the day you will go and enjoy a typical festival of folklore. 

  • Inclueded: Breakfast
Day 9: Cafayate Salta Wineyard

A long trip ahead! From Santiago you will travel north to Cafayate, the wine valley of northern Argentina where you have also stayed last year. Viñas of Cafayate will open their doors for you once again, for a lovely time in
the vineyards. Here you will use the salon for your tango class.

  • Inclueded: Breakfast, Lunch Box, Dinner a la carte
Day 10: Pumamarca

During the first part of the trip today you pass through a scenery with amazing red rock formations; take your time and take a few photographs of the incredible play of colors. You pass by rock formations such with names such as “Garganta del Diablo” (Devil’s Throat), and Amphitheatre, which are both worth exploring on foot.
Once you pass Salta city you continue the windy road further north towards the famous Quebrada of Humahuaca, declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. Your overnight place is in the village Purmamarca which lies in the Quebrada. This small village is known for the 7-coloured hill just outside of the village.

  • Inclueded: Breakfast, Lunch Box, Dinner
Day 11: Salinas Grandes

From Purmamarca you go west in direction of the Chilean border. A curvy road leads through a constant changing landscape; this road is probably one of the most impressing ones you will ever see! You pass the height of 4000m before you descend again to the enormous desolated plateau with large salt plains.

Today we also visit a indian village and the small town Pumamarca. Today you will visit the Quebrada of Humahuaca. ‘Quebrada’ literally means broken, and you will see broken mountains all around you displaying millions of years of history through its many colors. This Quebrada is famous for its strong local culture and traditions. You will find many villages along the road such as Tilcara, Uquia, Maimara and Humahuaca.
Each village maintains its original style and culture and is organized around the main square. Next to the town of Tilcara there is a pre-Columbine fortress ‘Pucará’, built sometime between 1000-1480 AC. Nowadays it is covered with cactusses. 

Inclueded: Breakfast, Lunch Box

Day 12: Back to Buenos Aires

After a last look to the Quebrada you will be brought to the airport in Salta for your flight back to Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires: Tangolesson. In the evening Tangoshow or Milonga, if you wish. 

  • Inclueded: Breakfast
Day 13: Asado in Luis home 2 in Quilmes

Back in Buenos Aires; get ready for Casa de Luis day 2, but this time in Quilmes in the province of Buenos Aires. You will be picked up from your hotel, taken to Quilmes where you will enjoy your day eating asado and dancing tango. A wonderful last day in Argentina

  • Inclueded: Breakfast, Lunch Barbecue
Day 14: Buy Buy Argentina

Your tango trip 2 has come to an end. You will be taken back to the airport for your flight back home
Inclueded: Breakfast

Welcome back home