Broadcast TV: Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra in the documentary “bankrupt , argentian state broke 2001”, a film by Manfred Uhlig ZDF INFO. 27.5.2016 at 10 am

A documentary in german TV ZDF INFO: Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra has lived the experiance of the “El Corralito” crisis. 27.5.2016, at 10 am.

Argentina 2001. This was a striking year. Without warning, from one moment to the next, money was frozen in the bankaccounts, fenced, as the Argentines say in the “corralito”. We only could get limited amounts in pesos, but the peso has been undocked from the dollar, so within a few days and weeks the savings of each one was worth less than 10%. Fainting. Injustice. Anger. Many people lost their home because of in dollar closed hypothecary credits, as well as my husband Luis. For the first time in the history the middle class went to the streets and demonstrated. That was the famous “Cacerolazo”, a vigorous beating on pots and pans.

It was like in the war: violence, burning houses, looting the supermarket.

What has become of the people who have lived and suffered the “corralito” experienced? What led to this situation? Today again this question is up to date, because Argentina once again is facing state bankruptcy.

Manfred Uhlig went the issue on the track. He is a very sensitive and intense journalist. He knows how to tackle the issues at the root and bring the feeling of the past to light. The result: an exciting documentary.

Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra and many other witnesses tell of the experiences of fear, the losses.

The documentary “Argentina national bankruptcy 2001” runs for the first time on 27.5. at 10:00 on ZDFinfo. From then on, the film is a week available in the ZDF media library. There are already planned many repetitions.

Safe the date!

Here the Livestream Link (use hotspotshield) and the access to mediathek , obviously after broadcasting first time.

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Fotos: victims at Paza de Mayo, Buenos Aires 19.12.2001 by Juan Pablo Barrientos / Luis Pereyra in Interview