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The ID are the different faces of Argentina
The colours:
light (white) | shadow (black) | fire (red) | earth (brown)
A fine symbolism intertwining the native and the Creole. Gods and humans, Tango and Folklore, immigration by Earth and Water, man and woman, Tango and Folklore, Gaucho and Pingo (Horse), linearity and eternity, being a slave and freedom, reason and the feeling of art.

Ein bewegender Moment. Gänsehaut pur. Carlsfeld. Eine Veranstaltung von ***Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra ***Bandonion Verein Carlsfeld, Robert Wallschläger “Tanzen am Fuße der Bandonio Skulptur” Im Rahmen unseres Seminars haben wir zum Tag der deutschen Einheit 2023 auch Argentinien und Deutschland verbinden können. Carlsfeld. Hier wurde das Bandoneón geboren. Hier kommt es aus der Erde. Hier haben Ernst Louis Arnold und Alfred Arnold gelebt. Mit dabei waren die Teilnehmer des Seminars und lokale Gäste. Danke, dass ihr alle gekommen seid.


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Nicole Nau und Luis Pereyra

Coming Up: am 21.09.2023 treten wir auf im wunderschönen Palais Prinz Carl Heidelberg.
Wir unterstützen das Benefizkonzert von VERIANTE.
Es spielt nicht für uns, aber auch für Euch das Slovac Nuevo Quinteto.
Info und Tickets findet ihr hier
Eine Veranstaltung von TV Heidelberg

Today we were guests in Carlsfeld by zoom at the inauguration of the new bandoneon sculpture.
It was in Carlsfeld where this iconic instrument was born. There was the factory of the famous DOBLE A (AA), made by Alfred Arnold, played by our precious musicians like Anibal Troilo, Astor Piazzolla, Leopoldo Federico, José Libertella and many more. The instruments were previously manufactured by the father, Ernst Luis Arnold (ELA bandoneón). Many years before, the factory belonged to a certain Zimmermann who had the idea to build this kind of foldable, air-powered and transportable instrument.
Heinrich Band from Krefeld sold and shipped them all over the world and changed the pitch. Mistakenly he is considered as the inventor, honestly he gave the sound and name to the instrument. Because of the wall that separated Germany, the truth was not known for many years.
Despite the fall of the Wall in 1989, books are still being written that lack the much needed truth. Ergo: laurels do not always land on the right head….


Sunday 7th May 2023 | 20:15 on Kabel 1 TV

Germany’s biggest secrets

We cordially invite you to watch our contribution on TV or on your computer. The programme will be broadcast on Sunday evening, but it can also be watched in the ProSiebenSat.1 Mediathek Joyn. In this case already from now on 😉

You can see our contribution from about minute 37 😉

ProSiebenSat.1 Mediathek Joyn

Luis Pereyra tanzt in den Paramount Studios, mit dabei Peter Coyote, Robin Williams

In 2014 we were invited to become a member of CID UNESCO. In 2017 the director Alkis Raftis came to Paris to see our play VIDA at the Folies Bergére. Here we took a photo in the beautiful foyer.
Josephine Baker, Mata Hari, Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, Charly Chaplin performed at the Folies Bergère. What a historic place! You can breathe in pure art.


VIDA präsentiert sich nach 3 Jahren Pause nun erstmals wieder in Europa. 12 Tänzer auf der Bühne, die sich auch in Live Musik einbringen. Ein großartiger Artikel aus Langenfeld von der Rheinischen Post hier zu lesen